Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The one-ingredient rule

I thought I'd stop by and let you know how we are defining "processed."

I guess it could be defined a number of ways - I mean, there are some foods that are processed that are not bad - they just aren't in their original form anymore. Example, raisins. Since they aren't in their original form of grapes, they are technically processed. But they are dried, and nothing is added, so to us, they are ok.

We decided to go by a "one-ingredient" rule. So, if there are any additives at all, we won't buy it.

This will require us to do all of our cooking from scratch! So, if I want sweets or a loaf of bread, I can have it, but I'll have to learn to make it from scratch. (And gluten-free baking is a delicate art...so it may be a while before I dive into it.)

[A side note: I've already found (well, my mom found) a nice alternative to eating half a bag of chocolate chips every day. Chocolate-Covered Katie has a recipe for fudge babies that uses just walnuts, dates, and cacao powder (I use raw). Seriously, they are so good. And they have three ingredients - none of which is sugar - but they are sweet! Love this site...she has so many more recipes to try, too.]

So, cooking from scratch - here we go. The one-ingredient rule is in full effect!

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